so couple of months ago i started programming on what i then called gozerbot2. It was supposed to be all the good stuff of gozerbot and gzrbot (the Wave/GAE bot). This gozerbot2 combines the same code base for both Google Application Engine and for shell type bots. Unfortuntely due to my sickness (i’m a schizofrenic) its too difficult for me to maintain bot this
new bot (JSONBOT) and GOZERBOT together so i decided that i stop working ongozerbot. GOZERBOT served its purpose but JSONBOT is for me the way forward and i hope with this decision that i can focus more on making a great botfor the future.

So this is it …. the latest gozerbot version is still at and the repositories contain 0.9.2 BETA but that will never get released into a tarball etc .. its just too much work. For people interested in the new bot, its home is at jsonbot at
. Its at alpha quality right now but im busy working at it to get it upto par with gozerbot. Version as of now is 0.2, goal is to have 0.3 have the same functionality as gozerbot
(meaning most of the plugins will be ported to jsonbot.

I like to thank the following people for helping me out with gozerbot:

  • Aim – aim hosts gozerbot.org for me and he was the first one to join me coding gozerbot
  • Snore – snore hosts the core.gozerbot.org machine containing all the gozerbot repositories
  • Maze – maze is the main contributor of gozerbot code and has been an incredible source of inspiration
  • Netfreak – netfreak provided me with a freebsd jail so i could host gozerbot.org .. all the way from the beginning
  • I guess i want to thank all my users who have been (against Guido’s advice) my testers, running gozerbot straight from the mercurial repo so i got warned early on when things went bork
  • I apologize to all users who had a bad experience with gozerbot, especially with the 0.8 to 0.9 upgrade that has not been as it should have been

2 Responses to GOZERBOT IS NO MORE

  1. slyborg says:

    So, just wanted to say thanks for gozerbot, which I’ve been running the beta of, and look forward to the new development!

  2. Jeremy Malcolm says:

    A fond farewell to gozerbot.

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