January 24, 2012

GOZERBOT 1.0.1 FINAL released ;]

last bugs kinked out (i hope) and lots of docs updates (see http://gozerbot.org)

downloadable at http://gozerbot.googlecode.com
or use “easy_install gozerbot”
or run “hg clone http://gozerbot.googlecode.com/hg mybot”

Below a cool animation of the GOZERBOT code repository ;] Thnx maze !

Have fun and as always we are on #dunkbots on irc.freenode.net.



January 18, 2012

I am proud !

Version 1.0 of GOZERBOT is here in the world.
7 years of evolutionary code development.
The eagle has landed, the egg is layed

See http://gozerbot.org

WELCOME TO GOZERBOT¶. I am pleased to present to you version 1.0 of GOZERBOT, a IRC and Jabber(XMPP) bot. This is the final and last release of GOZERBOT, new development will continue with the JSONBOT…


October 5, 2011

Hello world and everybody !

i’m pleased to announce the release of GOZERBOT 0.99.0, the first in a series of releases that are supposed to lead to a proper 1.0 release for GOZERBOT. The intention is to get a 1.0 version of GOZERBOT available for users that still use this bot, got almost 2000 download of 0.9.2 so its worth to support all those users with a release they can build on. I dont have the intention to develop GOZERBOT any further beyond that, that’s what JSONBOT is all about, so keep in mind these are pure maintenance releases.

2 major changes crept into this release, namely:

* no more seperate gozerplugs package, its all wrapped into 1 thing. The gozerplugs package has find its way under the gplugs directory in the main distro so no more seperate installing of plugins.
* SQLAlchemy is now optional, so GOZERBOT can run on older versions of debian etc. Since this leads to less dependancies GOZERBOT is easier to install.

note: there is not going to be a seperate “all” distro as those dependancies are already included.

SQLAlchemy is made optional by providing plugins that use direct queries on the database, this is the default. You can change operations back to SA by setting db_driver = “alchemy” in gozerdata/mainconfig.

The intention is to release a new version of GOZERBOT every week or so, until its stable for a long period of time. When its time i’ll cut of the 1.0 release ;]


* download tar – http://code.google.com/p/gozerbot/downloads/list
* mercurial clone – “hg clone https://gozerbot.googlecode.com/hg mybot”
* please report bugs at http://code.google.com/p/gozerbot/issues/entry especially if you are already running a GOZERBOT and run into problems.
* path to the futire – http://jsonbot.org

read the provided README for instructions on how to get the bot running.

note: i switched to a new blog, namely http://botfather.blogspot.com so i can blog about all bots i work on, not just gozerbot ;] See you there !!


June 23, 2011

Hello new world !

i’m glad to announce the release of version GOZERBOT 0.9.2, a bot that has been declared dead but has arrived from the pits of hell to serve our people here well ;] Discovered that SQLAlchemy has been fixed in such a way that it was easy to resurrect the thing, and release a new version of it.

It’s not my intention to still maintain GOZERBOT as i prefer users to switch to JSONBOT but this switch is to be done in such a way that GOZERBOT users can port their data to JSONBOT in a proper way. Having GOZERBOT still up and running makes it easier for me to write the converting software as a GOZERBOT plugin, in which case i have better access to the data then when i have to access it from the outside.

Ofcourse the conversion plugin is still to be written, but i hope that current GOZERBOT users can wait a little while before that is in place ;]

You can get the new version from http://gozerbot.googlecode.com. For those who want to have a look at the future check http://jsonbot.org

Well thats new from a happy camper that suddenly finds his path ahead.




July 20, 2010

so couple of months ago i started programming on what i then called gozerbot2. It was supposed to be all the good stuff of gozerbot and gzrbot (the Wave/GAE bot). This gozerbot2 combines the same code base for both Google Application Engine and for shell type bots. Unfortuntely due to my sickness (i’m a schizofrenic) its too difficult for me to maintain bot this
new bot (JSONBOT) and GOZERBOT together so i decided that i stop working ongozerbot. GOZERBOT served its purpose but JSONBOT is for me the way forward and i hope with this decision that i can focus more on making a great botfor the future.

So this is it …. the latest gozerbot version is still at and the repositories contain 0.9.2 BETA but that will never get released into a tarball etc .. its just too much work. For people interested in the new bot, its home is at jsonbot at
. Its at alpha quality right now but im busy working at it to get it upto par with gozerbot. Version as of now is 0.2, goal is to have 0.3 have the same functionality as gozerbot
(meaning most of the plugins will be ported to jsonbot.

I like to thank the following people for helping me out with gozerbot:

  • Aim – aim hosts gozerbot.org for me and he was the first one to join me coding gozerbot
  • Snore – snore hosts the core.gozerbot.org machine containing all the gozerbot repositories
  • Maze – maze is the main contributor of gozerbot code and has been an incredible source of inspiration
  • Netfreak – netfreak provided me with a freebsd jail so i could host gozerbot.org .. all the way from the beginning
  • I guess i want to thank all my users who have been (against Guido’s advice) my testers, running gozerbot straight from the mercurial repo so i got warned early on when things went bork
  • I apologize to all users who had a bad experience with gozerbot, especially with the 0.8 to 0.9 upgrade that has not been as it should have been

GOZERBOT 0.9.2 BETA1 released

April 26, 2010

I just released the first BETA of GOZERBOT version 0.9.2

Please test this release if you can.

Best is to run of the mercurial repo:

hg clone http://core.gozerbot.org/hg/dev/0.9

or run easy_install -U gozerbot gozerplugs (make sure there is no gozerbot dir in your working directory.)

docs are at http://gozerbot.org/0.9.2

If you find any bugs you can report them at http://dev.gozerbot.org

Have fun !

GZRBOT 0.2 BETA1 released

March 3, 2010

Hello World !

Welcome to the world of Active API ;]

Google released their new Wave API so i quickly ported GZRBOT to the new API. Now we can finally push to waves instead of using polling. This makes pushing feeds to waves possible, and this is one of the main things GZRBOT can do. We now use pubsubhubbub service provided by superfeedr.com to fetch our RSS and Atom feeds for us and have them pushed to the bot, which we then forward to the waves that have been subscribed ( or jabber clients for that matter)

This release is BETA1 which doesnt mean the code is fixed yet as BETA2,3,4 and RC1, 2, 3 etc are still ahead before 0.2 is released. So this is kind of bleeding edge and you might want to wait for 0.2.1 or so ;]

If you like to play around with wave/jabber bots on GAE then this is the bot for you.

Code is at the mercurial repo:

hg clone http://gzrbot.googlecode.com/hg

Or download the tarball at http://gzrbot.googlecode.com

Basic documentation is at http://gozerbot.org/gzrdoc and i made a wave available if you want to try the bot with me or have questions and such:

link to wave

Hope you enjoy it !


about GZRBOT:

GZRBOT is a general purpose bot for wave, web and xmpp. It uses a plugin
structure to provide easy programming of commands and callbacks, allowing
you to implement your own “killer plugin”.

GZRBOT comes with some plugins provided, for example:

– Hubbub plugin that uses superfeedr.com to get RSS feed pushed instead of
pulling them ourselves. This lowers the load on the bot considerably. A
max of 1000 feeds is for free.

– Watcher plugin that let you watch waves, get notified in jabber when your
waves updates. (the bots sends the updated txt)

– Wave plugin that provides help with wave management. I’m working
on wave cloning after say x blips, so that larger conversations can be
created in google wave. UNDER DEVELOPMENT

– This is mostly needed for the last plugin i want to mention and that is
the gozernet plugin. The plugin allows for relaying of events between
GZRBOT (Wave/Web/XMPP) and GOZERBOT (IRC/Jabber). IRC and Wave can be
bridged this way. UNDER DEVELOPMENT

GZRBOT is free code (BSD) and can be cloned as needed ;]

note: as of 0.2 GZRBOT uses the new v2 Wave API and thus needs registration
with google.